HERMA - History

A creative instinct, an awareness of customer needs and a courageous entrepreneurial spirit: these are the ingredients of HERMA’s success, and they are the attributes that guarantee it a strong future. They are what helped a small print shop in Stuttgart-Wangen to grow step by step to become one of the world’s leading specialists in self-adhesive technology.

The founding years

The company was founded in 1906 by Heinrich Hermann, who specialised in the production of labels. Twenty years later he took another big step with the invention of photo corners.

» The founding years

The second generation

Herman’s sons took over the company and added several new labelling machines, plus adhesives, to the company’s portfolio.

» The second generation

Expansion and internationalization

By introducing innovations in labels, labelling machines and adhesives, HERMA set international standards. It also established subsidiaries and holdings, opening up new markets.

» Expansion and internationalization

Reorganization and digitization

With restructuring measures all three divisions are positioned even more customer centered. Newly introduced online platforms are paving the way for further digitization. 

» Reorganization and digitization

Investments for the future

By making the largest investments in its history, HERMA lais the groundwork for continued growth.

» Investments for the future

Recent news

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