HERMA - History

Expansion and internationalization


Starting in 1971, there had been increased efforts to internationalise the company, leading to the founding of the subsidiary HERMA France. In 1978 separate subsidiaries were established in Austria and Belgium.


Heinrich Herrmann retired. His successor, Werner Röhm (centre), was an outside manager and friend of the family. Röhm and Werner Herrmann (right) initially managed HERMA jointly. During its 30 years under Röhm’s leadership, the renowned Stuttgart company grew to become an enterprise with a global reach and unsurpassed expertise in self-adhesive technology.


Werner Hermann gave up his operative responsibilities. Werner Röhm became sole managing director and established a permanent management group for participation in all major decision making. Already in the late 1970s, HERMA had been transformed into a GmbH & Co. KG (company with limited liability as general partner).


PCs and laser copiers entered the office environment. With its ESC 12/18 labelling machine (photo) HERMA accelerated the processing and printing of data on labels. HERMA Laser-print made it possible to print labels quickly and efficiently.


The building in Deizisau, which had been erected in 1971, was expanded, giving it its present-day appearance.


HERMA founds a subsidiary in Haverhill in the United Kingdom for the construction and sale of labelling machines. In 2000, a cutting centre for adhesive material, amongst other facilities, is founded in Newbury. The two units are then combined to create the subsidiary HERMA UK.


HERMA set forth binding company mission statements. At that time, this was not even customary in major corporations. In 1994 all lines of business were certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.


After almost three years of construction HERMA dedicates one of Europe's most modern bulk warehouses for the Adhesives Division in Filderstadt-Bonlanden.


HERMA extended its leadership position as an innovator. It was the first manufacturer of adhesive coatings to use UV acrylic adhesives. The company came up with innovative solutions for applying labels to difficult substrates, and it devised labelling methods for extreme conditions, including labelling of hazardous materials, very hot chemical barrels and containers that come into contact with seawater.


Commercial transparency is becoming increasingly important for growing medium-sized companies. For this reason HERMA introduces SAP. It becomes a project requiring large investments and substantial effort from the staff, but the new opportunities for transparent, sustainable cost calculations and planning are soon worth it.


HERMA was the first company in the industry to use a curtain coater. This marked a quantum leap in manufacturing speed and put HERMA on the map as a technology leader.

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