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What HERMA stands for

Mission statement HERMA

How we see ourselves

HERMA is a European specialist for self-adhesive technology with an exceptionally broad range of products. We have achieved our leading position by focusing on customers’ needs, offering high-quality products and providing reliable service. Moreover, a combined effort has gained competitive advantages through a unique combination of technologies and processes.

How we work

Our goal is to stay successful by making continuous improvements, reacting flexibly to new challenges and being consistently reliable. We measure our success by our ability to grow faster than the market. This includes generating earnings that allow us to preserve our independence.

How we act

We promote the professional and personal development of our employees through our company’s structure and culture. We motivate them to assume greater responsibility both inside and outside the company. In our decision-making we are guided by ethical criteria besides considering economic and ecological factors.

Mission statement management

To offer our customers attractive products and services, we have established a lively, creative environment. Instead of imposing top-down processes, we involve everyone in a joint effort to find the best solution. Each individual should have a chance to contribute ideas and suggestions. This promotes a spirit of commitment and dedication.

Employees who make a special effort will be rewarded by the company. They should always feel that hard work pays off.

Human beings are distinguished by their ability to break away from rigid systems and make intelligent decisions on their own. They should not have to conceal any mistakes which they make.

Cooperation can develop best in an open corporate culture. Mutual respect is an essential part of this. When people treat each other courteously in an atmosphere of civility, work can be a rewarding experience instead of mere drudgery.

Managers and employees must avoid any conduct that makes work unpleasant for others.

Mission statement quality

Customers and other business partners can be absolutely sure of our quality. The same applies to our colleagues at work.

We want to make flawless products, provide reliable services and be excellent partners. For this we must be willing to listen, make clear agreements and act in a consistent manner.

The commitment to quality is one of our defining traits. It encompasses targets, processes, results and our conduct.

Quality arises when each employee has a special sense of responsibility.

When it comes to quality, we do not want to disappoint anyone. We are therefore always striving for improvement.

Mission statement environmental protection

We can be successful as a business only if we assume responsibility for the environment. We must therefore take appropriate steps for this purpose and avoid actions that are harmful to our natural resources.

At HERMA we view the environment holistically, taking full account of all ecological and economic aspects: our location, the materials we use, our manufacturing processes, our products and the solutions we offer. With this in mind we attach particular importance to waste avoidance, recycling and proper disposal.

We call upon everyone at HERMA to take responsibility for protecting the environment. We believe that integrated, effective environmental protection is only possible with managers and employees who are well informed and dedicated to these goals.

HERMA is continually working to improve its system of analysis, reporting and monitoring in order to live up to its mission statement. In our day-to-day work and personal lives, we must all learn more about how to protect our environment.

Mission statements

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